Tales of Dumbassery

Man was showing off his new gun to friends and shoots himself in the thigh.

Husband watches instructional video on handling his gun and accidentally shoots himself and his wife.

3-year-old was 'playing with a pistol' before shooting himself dead.

Father accidentally shot his 14-year-old son in the neck while cleaning his pistol.

Teen accidentally shoots himself while trying to scare ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend.

Man brought a gun to church which led to accidentally shooting mom during wedding.

A dog steps on a loaded gun in the bed of a truck...and shoots his owner.

Kids playing pretend 'cops and robbers' led to an accidental shooting.

Boy finds pistol and thought it 'was a toy'; ends up shooting his friend dead.

Surprise! A wife accidentally shot her husband as he tried to surprise her with breakfast.

Do we have to say why this behavior should be vilified by the responsible gun owners?

3 year old toddler shoots babysitter.

This daft gun behavior is, frankly, unexplainable.

No cover up for a dumbass move.

Hey America, your property line is not the North Korean border.

I need to pay more attention' says Chief of Keystone cops. Um, yes…

If we were inclined to make a bad joke, we would say that the wife of Dolphins QB gives the 'blonde' cliché new meaning!

Most people get arrested for shooting a gun in the Capitol.

Raging dumbass!

No do-overs, parents: 6yo Mississippi girl killed by 13yo brother with pellet gun.

Safety first, dad: 8-year old South Carolina boy shot by father while deer hunting.

Traffic isn’t worth killing over.

We all live in a gun world: Man w/carry permit negligently discharged firearm in restaurant, injuring self.

Guess this 'safety thing' is covered, huh? 8 yo son shot by dad in hunting accident in Florence County.

Guys, y'all got this safety thing covered? 15 yo fatally shoots 12 yo girl in the head with grandfathers gun.

To all you reckless gun owners who tell me how 'safe' y'all are.

Guns don’t “go off accidentally,” they fire every time somebody pulls the trigger.

Calling it: irresponsible.

Woman kills boyfriend while playing with gun, witness says.

Sounds like another 'trigger-happy' tragedy: Man Shoots and Kills Stepdaughter Who Was Sneaking Back into House.

Stupid. Irresponsible.

Another tragedy that didn't need to happen. Mother charged in death of Frederick 3-year-old who shot himself.

At least nobody died from this dumb move that left a 3 year old shot.

This is not normal. We’re shooting people over parking spaces now on Black Friday?

This takes the rage-meets-gun cake. Fla. Mom Shot & Killed Daughter In Mistaken Identity.

No big deal if someone doesn't get killed. Right? Man goes to hospital after shooting himself.

Dad said accident due 'to a lapse.' A lapse?

Irresponsible. Stupid. Dangerous. Iowa man’s gun accidentally fires from pocket at Wal-Mart.

"He shouldn't been playing with guns." Ya think?

Toddler shot in Maine family residence, fights for life. Keep fighting safety, USA. Cool.

Parents? Boy, 11, arrested after weapon, ammunition found at Frontier Middle School.

Unsupervised 2 year old and mom’s loaded .45. I wonder how that went wrong.

"Freak accidents" tend to occur when you shoot towards people. Safety first.

This is not an accident, it’s inevitable and reckless.